Welcome to MacTalksTech!

You may know me from my YouTube channel, MacTalksTech which offers technology reviews on hot products in the tech world! However, it is now time to expand, and welcome MacTalksTech 2.0!

Before, the website was home to all my videos, and some extra information about me and how to contact me. The brand new update for the website offers a whole lot more to the site! As well as a new design, the website has some cool new features and areas to explore.

One main part of the website is technology articles written by some fellow technology enthusiasts. Together, we will work  to provide quality written articles covering technology news and reviews.

The new design comes with brand new features, such as a rating system for our reviews. Check out the review section for quality written and video reviews.

This website will regularly updated with articles covering the latest and greatest in the world of technology. Don’t forget to keep checking out the professional articles and videos!

You can also visit me on many social networks which you can find at the side of this page!