Apple released the new iPad line-up last night, and its definitely a hot topic.

iPad Air 2


The new iPad Air is official, and comes with some decent updates from the Air; which was announced last year. The device is 18% thinner than the Air, coming in at just 6.1mm thin. That is impressive! The team at Apple portrayed its thinness, by showing that 2 iPad Air 2′s on top of each other, were still thinner than the original iPad. Many might say this is “too thin”, however the slim profile on the device will make a huge difference when discussing portability and comfortability in the hand.

The other main upgrade was the internal chip running the device. Apple have updated the internals with the A8X chip, which was built specifically for iPad. Performances over the last generation iPad Air is significantly better, and the graphics get a boost. Performance is a lot faster, however if you have an iPad Air currently, it may not really be with the upgrade for this alone.

The camera got a new boost too. An updated 8-megapixel camera is included, along with new features such as time-lapse and slo-mo. But lets be honest, who really uses a tablet for camera purposes, and doesn’t look like an idiot. The front facing camera has been upgraded, so your facetime sessions will make you look even more attractive.

The one update, that everyone thought would come last year, is TouchID. Finally Apple’s fingerprint sensation has been included in the iPad range.  Did I mention it also comes in GOLD!

Overall, the iPad Air 2 has been upgraded under the hood. I personally wont upgrade from the iPad Air, because the upgraded features don’t stand out to me and istn worth forking out more money. However if your coming from anything before an iPad Air, I would definitely upgrading to this latest iPad.

iPad Mini 3


The iPad Mini 3 is a bit different from the new iPad Air 2. The processor is still the A7 chip, which is running the iPad Mini 2 from last year. The camera and battery performance is the same too. The main difference this year is that the iPad Mini 3 comes with TouchID. This is it really. Apart from the fact it comes in gold, nothing more has changed.

The iPad Mini is the smaller, more portable device in the iPad line-up. With a few minor upgrades, Apple has made the iPad Air the more impressive device, whereas last year they were introduced on an equal footing.

Personally, I was not that impressed with the iPad Mini upgrade. If you have the iPad Mini 2, and aren’t fussed about TouchID, the keep it. If you have the original Mini, and would like the Retina display and the TouchID, then upgrade.