Avantree Wireless Headphones Review

    How do the Avantree Wireless headphones match up to top branded products?


    Wireless headphones are becoming more and more popular among the headphone range. The Avantree Hive is a product in this category, but comes in at a low budget price point. However, the design definitely doesn’t indicate a low price point. In fact these headphones look very sophisticated.

    The design of the headphones features a matt black finish around the ear buds. They feel smooth to the touch. The headband has a fake leather feel and design, but still looks professional. On the left side of the headphones is controls to play/pause music, answer calls and alter the volume. To top it off the headphones are very comfortable to wear, due to the soft padding that comes in contact with the ear. I could wear the headphones for a long period of time, before they started becoming uncomfortable. I compared these with my Beats By Dr Dre Solo HD’s, and they gave a similar feel on my head, and lasted the same amount of time before I had to take them off.

    The headphones connect to your device via Bluetooth. The standby time is around 8 days for this product, and talk/music time about 18 hours. I found that the Bluetooth connectivity worked well, however a couple of times the sound would stop, for example when I was watching a YouTube video. The majority of time they worked very well, and this minor flaw only occurred once or twice when I first paired them. Once you had paired the headphones to your device, they would automatically connect once the headphones were turned on. An Avantree Logo on the side of the headphones would flash.

    The Bluetooth headphones can be used wired too. In the box, you get a red cord in order to connect to your device. This is great for non-Bluetooth enabled devices, such as mp3 players. It would have been nicer if the cord was black, as then it would match the headphones. On a positive note however, the cord is a tangle free cord, so you won’t have to worry about getting them all tangled in your pocket.

    Last, but probable the most important feature of headphones is the sound. The sound was good when testing out these headphones. I tried them with music on iTunes, as well as YouTube videos. I found that they were clear, and performed well. Compared to my Beats By Dre, they weren’t as clear, and didn’t portray the bass as well. However for the price, there is definitely nothing wrong with the sound of these headphones, and would definitely make a perfect pair of headphones for someone with a low budget, but still want quality they would expect in bigger branded headphones.

    So there you have it. I would definitely recommend this product, as I think the design goes a long way in portraying quality. The look and feel of the headphones is not flimsy but sturdy and of a high quality. The sound is good, and to an average person, not a severe difference between more expensive headphones.

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