Black Friday 2014: Jordan’s Tech Purchases


    Black Friday caused quite a stir this year in the UK, with the British public becoming as rowdy as ever to get cheap deals in time for Christmas. Last year, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a 32″ TV, which is now my main television used for gaming and streaming. This year, I made a couple of purchases over the 3 days (Friday to Sunday) so here is what I managed to get my hands on.

    Belkin Charge & Sync Dock for iPhone

    I found this deal on Amazon before it went live, and was automatically excited for the price to be revealed. When it was released, it came in two colours, red and green (there are other colours but weren’t part of the Black Friday deal). I’m not a fan of green, but really wanted to get my hands on the red edition. I was shocked with how fast all the deals were claimed! Luckily, as I was in the wait list, I managed to get the accessory due to a previous buyer not finishing their purchase in time. The smartphone accessory will take a rightful place on my desk. I’m not sure where yet, but I am thinking between two of my monitors, or perhaps to the side of the 3 screens. I am constantly at my desk, and being able to plug in my iPhone while working will be far more beneficial to me. At the moment, I plug my phone into the computer, so this companion will make it far more easier and make my desk look a lot sleeker and tidier.

    Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse


    I picked up this bargain at Currys PC World when doing some Christmas shopping at the weekend. I have been after a mouse for a while now, and have had my eye on the Logitech Performance MX mouse. However when I saw this device I was immediately mind blown. I had never seen a mouse like this and thought it looked very intriguing. After finding out how it works and it’s features I was immediately hooked and thought it would go nicely on the desk. I won’t spoil my upcoming article on the device by telling you about it, so make sure you stick around to find out what makes this unique!

    So there you have it. For me Black Friday was a success. Not only did I make some tech purchases, I managed to get some great bargains ready for the festive season. Reviews on both these products will be coming soon, so make sure you stick around for those!