Drone Investigation in Paris – Concern for Consumer Drone Flyers?


French police are investigating several mysterious drone flights over central Paris, months after a spate of unexplained drone sightings over the country’s nuclear plants sparked nervousness.

Over two nights this week drones were spotted near the US embassy, the Élysée palace, the Invalides military museum, the Eiffel Tower and several main roads leading in and out of the French capital.

There have been no claims of responsibility and it is not clear whether the various drones, reportedly of different types and sizes, are linked. The devices are banned over the capital and other built-up zones in France. It is illegal to fly one without a permit.

Faced with the difficulty of intercepting drones and their operators, France has launched a €1m programme aimed at developing ways of detecting them. Le Figaro reported that police have to rigorously check witness accounts of sightings from the public as people were sometimes mistaken, confusing aeroplane lights, streets lamps and even lasers from discos for drones.

Many members of the public (including myself) enjoy flying their drones, and the majority of drone flyers do not use them for harmful or concerning ways. However, the use of drones and the potential of actions they can perform could lead to more restrictions for the everyday drone flyer. – The Guardian