GSL 2014: Google Glass Opinions


The gadget Show Live is well underway, and the event has already been impressive. Many top companies including Microsoft and Samsung are present at the NEC in Birmingham, and the show is buzzing with the latest tech. Here are my opinions on the most talked about device of 2013 & 2014, Google Glass.

There were Google Glass shows throughout the day, which proved to be very popular. The show included a woman who was showing all the features that the Glass can do. Let me just talk about my thoughts on the Glass and my overall opinion.

Let’s start with design. I personally think the product doesn’t look too bad. It doesn’t stand out and is really big, and the style looks cool. The only problem I have is how far the lens comes away from the face. The frame I really like, however I think that it could be improved by changing the size of the lens, making it slightly smaller and so it doesn’t stand out as much, as I think this will draw attention.

The functionality of the device is impressive. It was obvious from the presentation that it is still in developer mode, as the UI was lagging a bit, and was quite slow. However I really like some of the features that are included. One thing that stood out for me was the ability to take calls and read text messages. I am a fan of not having to keep getting your phone out to read things, which is why I own a smart watch. I think that this feature is great, and will be very useful when in a situation when you don’t want to get your phone out.

Another feature that I like is the ability to use exclusive apps with it. As it becomes more widely available, I’m sure more and more apps will come out for the Google Glass, however it has great potential. Great apps including restaurant reviews could be handy, when finding something to do in a town, without having to even touch your phone. Other apps such as social networks will be great and efficient, especially if you’re a social advocate like me.

There is one feature that is great but has a lot of problems is the camera. I do like the feature, and think it is very hand, especially to quickly take a photo or video of something sudden, saving time by quickly getting out your phone and stuff. However, there is a major issue regarding Google Glass at the moment, and that is privacy. I can definitely see where people are coming from. Strangers could be walking around, recording you and you wouldn’t even know. This is a major threat and something that needs to be looked at, as it enables people to record footage discretely, and some people might not want to be filmed.

Overall, I really like the product and I think it have some good capabilities and possibilities. The issues regarding the camera are a big factor, and I know there is a lot of debate around it at the moment. I think the device is a way off yet, but if it does eventually come out, I think it will be interesting and very futuristic.

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