iRing Review: Wearable Music Device

Wearable MIDI controller that's a load of fun!


When it comes to wearable tech, I love to see what new ideas and innovations are arriving in the market. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been reviewing a new wearable device, that is aimed and musicians. This device makes it easy to create beats and tunes, without touching your iDevice. Prepared to be amazed, and read on to find out out iRing.

Let me explain a little about the iRing. Using 2 wearable midi controllers, you can control grooves and beats using multiple iOS apps. The rings have a linear and triangular pattern that interacts with the app, and by moving the rings backwards and forwards, you can affect the music. I’m not a musician. However you do not need to be to use iRing. After getting used to the way iRing works, I was able to create sounds and beats in no time. iRing works with multiple free apps, so you can have bundles of fun with this product, in different ways.

The iRing package comes in a nice small secluded box. The packaging is simple, but definitely gives an insight into what iRing is. Inside the box, 2 iRings are included (1 set) along with some product information, and some codes to activate your iRing, in order for it to be accessible with Apps. The packaging of a product is important to me, as it sells the product. The iRing does a great job of this and portrays a nice looking and interesting product.

When using the iRing, I found that the apps were very responsive. The slightest movement of the iRing would affect the groove. The product is very clever, and by using the front facing camera, the iRing detection is very precise. I found that I could create many different sounds with the iRing, and didn’t get bored when playing. Due to many different combos and features of the current apps, you can have a variety if things to do, for example changing the background style or tone of the beat. The iRing is great for both amateurs and professionals, so don’t worry if your not the next David Guetta just yet.

The iRing creators, IK Multimedia offer free apps that work with the iRing. The company are also working with 3rd party app developers to expand iRing, making it accessible with more music apps, and even expanding into mobile gaming. One app, directly from IK Multimedia, that I enjoyed the most is iRing Music. This app allows users to crest cool grooves using the front facing camera to track movement of the iRings. My moving your hand back and forth away from the iPad, you can change the backing beat to the groove, as well as adjusting the pitch, sound, intensity and much more. There are many different options to change in the app, creating an endless stream of variety for you and your musical tastes.

One word that I like to use to sum up this product is potential. There is so much more than music that the iRing could potentially be used for. I know the creators of iRing are currently working with developers to implement iRing into games and other educational applications. This product looks very promising, and definitely is worth checking out, for some great interactive fun. If you are a music enthusiast, and enjoy creating music, then this is a great product to help you achieve that in a whole new way, so make sure you experience the iRing.