Microsoft Bring Back Start Menu in 8.1 Update


One thing that certainly made people ditch the Windows 8 update was for the loss of the Start Menu. However, 8.1 brought back a glimpse of hope, with the Start button taking users back to the tiles UI. But now… with a brand new update to 8.1, the Start Menu is coming back later in the year!

This isn’t your old PC’s Start Menu though. Instead, Microsoft has redesigned the menu to mimic its Modern UI. Click the Start button and a menu of live tiles will pop up on the right, meaning you can check up on different apps without leaving your desktop. At the same time you still get a regular list of programs to choose from on the left.

Many people will like this update, bring back what many people loved as part of the Windows OS. When Windows 8 came along, Microsoft received lots of criticism for the loss of it. This is a smart move by Microsoft, by listening to what the people want and offering features that shouldn’t have really disappeared.

More good features are packed in the new update. Microsoft have finally realized that everyone that uses their latest OS, may not have a touch screen PC or laptop/tablet. Windows 8.1 is very touchscreen driven, and some commands were difficult for keyboard and mouse users. The new update adds more functionality to the mouse, meaning there is no need for fancy swipes and gestures. More features include allowing Windows Apps downloaded from the app store to be viewed in the desktop and pinned on the taskbar.

I will be taking a look at the update as soon as it comes out, and will bring you an article going through all the features and my opinions. What do you think of this update? Will it help to save Microsoft, or is it too late?