Should you buy the Nokia Lumia 925?


The metal designed Nokia Lumia 925 is a real step up from the previous Lumia handsets. Rumours of a metal Lumia phone were circling for months before Nokia finally took the lid off the Lumia 925. As expected, the Finnish firm had moved away from an all-plastic construction, instead incorporating luxurious aluminium into the design.

The new design makes the phone feel a lot lighter than previous models, as well as feeling and looking thinner. Apart from this however, the rest of the specifications remained unchanged. It still packs a 4.5-inch display and a 1.5GHz dual-core processor works the device.

With its bright, bold screen, great camera and fun Windows Phone software, the Lumia 920 was already a great bit of kit. Nokia has taken most of its key specs and wrapped it up inside a new sleeker, lighter body. It’s the first time Nokia has used metal in its Lumias and it’s resulted in a more mature-looking device.

The 1,280×768-pixel display and dual-core chip haven’t been updated since the 920. In everyday use though, the 925′s screen is brilliant and high res enough to do justice to Netflix and YouTube, while the processor is capable of tackling anything from the app store.

Speaking of which, the Windows Phone app store still lags far behind its iOS and Android rivals, so keen gamers and app addicts will want to steer clear. Nokia’s slight tweaks to the camera have slightly improved an already great camera so shutterbugs are well catered for. If you’re keen for a Windows Phone device, the 925 is unquestionably the best model to go for. It does share so many specs with the 920 that if you can cope with the increased size and weight, it’s likely to be a more cost effective option.