The Friendly Swede: Apple Charging Cables Review


If you’re like me, and like to have multiple phone cables around the house and for different uses, then look no further than the Friendly Swede. The premium accessory company has a great range of phone cases to cables to styluses. In this article, I will be reviewing their Apple Certified Charging cables.

The generous company sent me out 2 packs of cables, a set of 30-pin connectors for the older generation iPhone models, as well as a set of Lighting connectors. A great feature of this product is that each cable is 6.5 feet in length. We all have had that time where we are in the middle of a game or a chat, but need to plug in your charger the other side of the room. This cable allows you plug your device in to charge, but carry on sitting and playing, 6.5 feet away from, the charger!

The 30-pin set comes in a set of 3, including a blue, purple and pink cable. The great thing about this is that you can choose your cable around your personality. After a while, the standard Apple charger gets a bit boring. The Friendly Swede offer a great range of colourful and vibrant products to match your personality.

The lightning cables portray premium all over. The bold black and white colours are very well made, with extra bulk near the connecting end. As connectors tend to brake at this end, The Friendly Swede have got this perfect, by adding a premium feel top the cable. Black or white not your colour, no need to worry as the Lightning connectors come in all the same colours of the 30-pin cables.

To top it all off, all cables are USB so are compatible with any USB charger that you already have, or you can insert it straight into a PC, Mac, Laptop etc. Each cable is Apple certified, and you get a lifetime warranty, meaning you can feel safe and satisfied with this product.

If you like what you see, and wish to pick up accessories from The Friendly Swede, then check them out on Amazon, and the links will be below!

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Lightning Cable (US)
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