TYLT Energi Power Case for Samsung Galaxy S5


Power cases. You either love them or hate them. Many people don’t use them due to the size and bulk they add to your device. However some people cant live without always being connected and with power. My good friends over at TYLT have come up with a case that I think can not only appeal to those power case lovers, but also the people who don’t, with their brand new sliding power case.

The particular product I am reviewing is for the Samsung Galaxy S5, however this case is available for the iPhone 5/5S. The case has a rechargeable removable power sleeve, which makes this case unique and stands out from the other power cases that are on the market. This is what I like about this case. The phone itself fits into an inner protective case, which can be used normally without having to be connected to the battery sleeve. This inner case is actually very nice. It has a gripping texture to create a firm hold when using your phone, and like all TYLT products, it has a great design. All ports are accessible, including the fingerprint scanner on the back, and the inner case alone is a worthy accessory. This case is a great accessory to use even without the power sleeve, and will fit perfectly into the battery outer shell when you need to top up on juice. The batter sleeve oozes with quality. The build quality and the size guarantees you a good amount of power. The majority of ports are still accessible. The battery sleeve still has a brilliant finish and design, and just feels premium when using it.

The main advantage of this case over others, is the usability and the protectiveness. Most people don’t like using power cases because they are too big to use all the time. This case solves that problem, by having an inner case that is very protective, and a batter sleeve that can be used when needed. The dual layer inner case extends above the screen too, for extra added protection. One question you may be asking, is how long does the batter last for? The battery case lasts all day and can charge your device to full again, and doubles your battery capacity. It is like having two phone battery’s in one, so this is definitely one of the most powerful battery cases out there.

I am a big fan of this case, as it is so premium but so useful. The inner case makes it a lot more portable when not using the batter power. I would definitely recommend this product, as it offers a great deal of battery, and looks and feels quality. If you want to pick up one of these cases, or wish to browse the range of products that TYLT have to offer, you can by viewing their website.