Veho 360 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review


    The Veho 360 Bluetooth Speaker has got to be one of my favourite accessories for a long time. The usefulness of the speaker is great, for many different reasons. I have been using this speaker for a long period now, and after using various other alternatives, i am a big fan of this product.

    First lets talk about design. Its small and compact, taking up hardly any room. It fits in a single palm, and easily fits into any bag. It has an on/off button at the top, along with track control and volume buttons. There is a glowing blue light which circles the buttons when the device is turned on. The speaker section is covered in a grill like design, with a silver metal bar at the bottom. The bar gives you access to a charging port, a connection for a lead and an SD card slot. The product feels really professional and looks great. The quality is perfect and creates a really good looking speaker.

    Now on to sound. You can use this device in 3 ways: Bluetooth, connected, or inserting a SD card slot. This range of connections gives it lots of uses depending on your preferred connection. The sound quality is great, especially for a tiny little thing like it is. The sound can reach very high volumes and keeps the sounds rich in bass, allowing you to hear the song without loosing  quality. The sounds is not ‘tingy’ or ‘muffled’ but strong and precise.

    This device is great for many different scenarios, for example going to the park. It can create a great atmosphere and the battery lasts for a long time. I have been using mine non stop and i have taken it everywhere i go. In a room, in the park, by the beach, this speaker is for all of them! Did I mention you get a nice carrying bag too?;)

    I hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know what you think about this product in the comments below, and if you want to see Mac make a video review about this.